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Symbolism of happiness
What is "happiness"? To quote from the encyclopedia "Wikipedia": "Happiness is well-being, health, long life." The opinions of our informants: "Happiness is warm in the cold, the food when you are hungry, and the sun after the clouds." The study of characters, bringing happiness, we carry in two directions. On the one hand, it is animate objects (people, animals, insects), on the other hand - this inanimate objects.
Group 1
1.       Horse, sheep. If you go on the road and the first to come across a horse or sheep, it will have good luck. These animals with hot breath are considered solar animals.
2.       Mouse - an animal that starts the 12-year cycle - the attribute of god Namsaraya, who gives wealth to people. From the mouth of the mouse fall sacred stones, chindamani (zendemeni) that bring people to the wealth, abundance.
3.       Moose or elk. In a way, if the moose or elk crosses the road on the left to the right, this is a happy sign.
Group 2
There are many auspicious ornaments, symbolizing happiness.
Ulzy - "twist" - an ancient ornament, symbolizing happiness, prosperity, longevity.
Ornament "Lanza hee." Hori hang above the house door to do not go thieves. It performs security functions.

Horn is a lot of cattle. The Hori source of reference is to carry livestock, therefore, the symbol of happiness.

Ornament "Yurts in a row" means a wish to have many children, because children were considered as one of the first resources.

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