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About the tribe Hori

"Out Genghis Khan,
A Hori remain -
Tenacious tribe at all times.
Is it Asian open spaces to wander?
And drank the cup of nomads
to the bottom. "
Bair Dugarov

Background research we see in the growth of traditional Buryat existing interest in the ancestors, ancestry, tribal entities, small home.
The Buryats are one of the ethnic groups that make Mongolian language and historical and cultural community.
Modern Buryats are not only often successful at reproducing their memory pedigrees, but also often call themselves ehirit, bulagat, hongodor, Hori. The composition and meaning of these groups, in our opinion, deserves to be the subject of a separate study.

Appeal to the topic is also due to the revival and development of the national culture, ethnic traditions, and the growing interest in religious cult concepts, various forms of performance of rites and rituals.

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