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Color symbolism
Color is a leading, organizing space beginning that can cause the viewer an active emotional response. In Hori - Buryat culture, color plays a big role, as each specific color has a specific meaning, symbolizes a particular concept.
In the book "Time of Fire" N.Angaraeva distributes four characters in districts inhabited by Buryats. "Symbol of Tunka, Oka, Zakamenka - fire, the symbol of Aga, Horinsky area, Yaruvny, and Kizhinga - the sky, a symbol of Ust-Orda - earth, a symbol of Olkhon, Kurumkan, Barguzin - water." Based on the foregoing, we take the liberty to endow color symbolism Buryat tribes. Fire is red, then Tunkinskie, Oka, Zakamensky Buryats, tribes of hongodory are red. Once the sky and the water is blue, the Hori-Buryat, kurumkantsy are blue Buryats. Ehirity, Bulagaty with symbol as the earth are black Buryats.
Blue color
Foto: A. Ligdenova
In national symbols - the blue color represents one of the two major higher powers - the Eternal Blue Sky (Huhe Munkhe Tengri). Therefore, the symbolism of blue is for the Buryat culture one of the main ethnic and cultural constants. In the mythology of the Buryat  sky - a symbol of masculinity.
.Blue color serves to express the idea of ​​primordial ethnicity. Totemic ancestor Hori-Buryat is a swan, a creature that is associated with the sky.
White color
Picture of N. Dudko
Especially significant attributive symbolic white for such a mythological character, as the White Elder, the patron saint of longevity, wealth, happiness, family welfare. Buddhism goes back to an idea of ​​ten whites of good deeds, cults of White Tara, God with white umbrella (Sagaan Shyherte).
At Hori white color symbolizes the beginning, the origins of something. That’s why  the beginning of the new year called "white month". Mouse, began a twelve-cycle chronology, and is described as "a mouse with a white mouth" (ama Sagan hulgana);
White color symbolizes a man. If about maternal relatives say "Ulaan shuhan turel" (blood relatives), something about his father's "Sagaan yahan turel" (relatives on the white bone).

Red color
Foto: A. Ligdenova
The red color - the color of joy symbolized happiness, victory, kindness. The red color represents the image of the ancient object of devotion - the Sun and associated with him, fire, light and heat, without there is no life on Earth. In this regard, it should be emphasized that the life-giving Ayusha Burhan, the god of longevity, red in color, in the hands holding jar with immortality elixir.

Respect to the sun, which gives heat, meaning and life, expressed in particular in the fact that the pommel hats drilled crown red silk tassels and red ball (denze), symbolizing the sun and its rays. Comparing the red sun with his soul, Hori believe that their soul will forever soar as the sun overhead.

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