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System - active approach in foreign language teaching
Chinese wisdom
“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do - I acquire”.
Using this approach forms the motivation of students to study a foreign language, creates a positive emotional background of the lesson. Through a variety of forms, methods and techniques of the organization of the educational process.
Modern teaching technologies of activity types:
o  Problem technologies;
o  Mini-research technologies;
o  Organization of project activity;
o  Group work technologies;
o  Information – communicative technologies
Methods of work in pairs:
          1. Method of Rivin
          2. The reverse technique of Rivin. 
           3. Methods of transfer themes
Methods of group work:
          1. The method “cut information”.
          2. The method of “learning together”.
          3. The method of projects
I think: ; As I see it:; I would say, that:; I guess:;

In my opinion; To my mind:; It seems to me:)

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