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The origin of Hori Buryats
The book "The Secret History of the Mongols," says: "The ancestor of Genghis Khan Bүrte-Shono lived with his wife Gua Maral in the area of Burhan Khaldun and here was born his son Bata Sagaan." Bata Sagaan has a son Dobu Mergen, which married Alan-goa.
Father of Alan-Goa Horidoy became the first noyon Hori-Tumat. He had three wives - Bargudzhin-goa, daughter Barguday - Mergen, Sharaldai and Nagaaday. From Bargudzhin-goa he had one daughter - Alan-goa, born in Arik Us. She was mother of Bordjigin – great grandfather of Genghis Khan.
    Goa Maral     Alan - Goa
Horidoy by his second wife had sons: Galzut, Huatsay, Hubdut, Sharayt and Guchid, and from the third wife - Hargan, Hood Bodongut, Halban, Batanay Sagan. Continuing to multiply, children have become heads of 11 genera, and due to the fact that the name of their father was just Horiday common name them, according to this, it was called by Hori. The names of the sons are called top 11 Horinsk birth.
During the Mongol rule tribe Hori was withdrawn in northeastern Mongolia, where he lived until the early 16th century, getting into a relationship to one, then the other small Mongol Khanate.
After all, when the matriarch of Hori was daughter Buyant Zasag Khan from Inner Mongolia and noble horinki Shene Gerel, Balzhin Hatan, who married the son of the Mongol-Noyon Buubey Bailey Give Huntayzhi, Hori went from Mongolia to their land, as they were leaving in the IX century. Following them was equipped chase Buubey-Bailey returned the back his son, running away with his wife, and later caught and Balzhin-Hatan. People Buubey Bailey killed her, and cutting off his chest, threw them into the lake, making it became white. Hori called this lake Balzhin-Nuur.
when the matriarch of Hori was Balzhin Hatan, Hori went from Mongolia to their land, which they were leaving in the IX century.
  Baldzin Hatan. Picture: Лариса Эрдынеева

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