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Shonoeva Diana, 7 th form
teacher - Tsybikova S.Sh.
Legends of Hori-Buryat
Babzha Baras Baatar
There are interesting legends and stories about the historical figure, Taizhou (Prince) hori-Buryat Babzha Baras-bator, who in the seventeenth century, who joined the fight against the Manchu aggression. It's about the hero who protects your people, praised Herculean strength, mastery of the bow.
Among the steppe in Yaruuna towering majestic stone sculptures, and the marvelous beauty of the majestic gaze attack opens the legendary Babzhi Baras-Bator - Hora-Shuluun, which means stone fence. Most involve the stone pillars that seem large hedge or defensive attack, in which are divided into three separate parts, and on the south side lined with loose stones, like the door. According to legend, Babzhi Baras-Bator with his brothers built a stone fence to stop the onslaught of enemies at night and close your herd.
To the South-West from HoreoShuluun there is a beautiful stone overhand with the height of 4-5 meters. There are some caves inside it where the height is 2 meters and the width is 3 meters. Besides there is a stone ground of Babzha-BarasBator with the hill of half a metre, the length of 4-5 metres the width of 2-3 metres. There is also a dent in the middle of the ground, where there was Babzha-Baras Bator’s head of the bed and body. Further there is a train of rocky poles with the height of 5-6 metres and its circle is 100 metres. Moreover there is anancient alphabet on the exterior side of the rock.

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